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T h i n g s

There are things that will break your heart. Things that will tear you apart. Things that will not make sense, you will have to accept. Things beyond your reach. Things deeper than your most healed wound. Things. Things. Things. They will happen in a second. They will get you so high, dangerously apart from safe […]


About Dreaming Big

“Shoot for the stars” “The sky is the limit” “You can do better” My generation, 90’s kids, grew up with the expectations bar always a little higher than we could reach. It is inspiring to always wish for a better version of ourselves, yet we must know when it is time to stop for a […]

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Perfunctory Affair

Design: ybor-libre The idea has been in my head, for years. Walking through Ybor City has always reminded me of my natal Lima. It is so obvious that the old buildings are made from so much more than just walls. They stand strong and fancy giving us the illusion and brief sense that we are […]