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Astrologia y Mi Tia

Hasta ahora la astrología es un taboo. No pretendo convencer a nadie que crea ni vea lo mismo que yo. Seria una falta de autenticidad. Para mi todo empezó con el tarot. De chiquita veía a mi tia con sus cartas. Unas cartas antiguas que no me dejaba tocar. Eran naranjas por afuera y de […]


Dead End

Today I feel strange. Strange enough to write about this. I feel a fire. In my upper back to be specific. Writing helps me find a way to release this tension. If you are reading this, I want you to know that we are connected. Regardless of the time and space that separates us. We […]

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What I learned in College: Communication and Self Transcendence

My name is Sol Morales After graduating from high school in my natal Lima, Peru, I knew I wanted to get a higher education in something that truly interested me. Advertising commercials had always caught my attention. More than the product itself, I had a fascination with the storytelling, the emotions I felt as I […]