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Freshman New Yorker

Primero Lo Primero  {3 WEEKS IN} Nadie me vendió la idea de vivir en Nueva York. Me enamore de la ciudad hace trece años, cuando JFK fue mi primer punto de entrada a los Estados Unidos y el primer aeropuerto fuera de casa. Los edificios amontonados y gigantes. Calles con idiomas desconocidos. Una exposición de […]

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One Way Ticket

I guess I should feel excited, nervous, perhaps overwhelmed. The truth is I hardly feel any strong emotions. I packed five years of college in two bags. I tried not to bring much but I have to admit I probably packed a couple of shirts I have never used and will never use. I do […]


Useless Semantics

” When a stranger stares into your soul, do not press charges. Stare back” – Marina Abramovic Have you ever met someone that just by looking at their eyes you feel that you already communicated? Words can be deceiving but the eyes cannot. They will express you everything that words are not able to. They […]