Useless Semantics

” When a stranger stares into your soul, do not press charges. Stare back”

Marina Abramovic

Have you ever met someone that just by looking at their eyes you feel that you already communicated? Words can be deceiving but the eyes cannot. They will express you everything that words are not able to. They will throw themselves at you and reach your deepest nerves. They make you uncomfortable, they get you naked, they say and see the truth.

It is true that eyes are the window to the soul. Yet we often take them for granted. Looking more at screens than other eyes.

But if you re reading this, it is not late. You still got eyes, you still got hope. Look at someone else’s eyes. Talk with your eyes. Feel with your eyes. Do not rely too much on words which were human made. Explore your vision, go beyond your natural sense. See beyond colors, expose the unsaid, feel the unseen, and dance with the unknown.

Marina Abramovic is a performance artist whose world vision exposes the unseen of our human senses. This exhibition at the MoMa, specifically, inspires me and proves this point. Our eyes, our windows, wish to be used. Need to be used.

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