T h i n g s

There are things that will break your heart.

Things that will tear you apart.

Things that will not make sense,

you will have to accept.

Things beyond your reach.

Things deeper than your most healed wound.




They will happen in a second.

They will get you so high,

dangerously apart from safe ground.

Things that you can’t express,

that you can’t explain, but can only feel.

Things you will have to forget,

you will have to dismiss, you will have to suppress.

These things, I adored so much.

I praised, I loved, they once belonged to me.

Things I tried so hard to hold onto.

Things that don’t remember my name, my warmth, my arms.

Things that only exist because I gave them life, I gave them birth.

Things that will exist as long as we live.

Things I will miss as long as I remember.

Things I will love as long as I feel.





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