About Dreaming Big

“Shoot for the stars”

“The sky is the limit”

“You can do better”

My generation, 90’s kids, grew up with the expectations bar always a little higher than we could reach. It is inspiring to always wish for a better version of ourselves, yet we must know when it is time to stop for a second and appreciate this very second.

Being surrounded by so many recent grads, myself about to graduate as well, there is a common factor – most are not satisfied with where they are at now. There is always that one thing we are preparing ourselves to do one day, once we are ready, once we get more experience. 

I have to admit I have also found myself under this loop. However when I see it in my friends, there is an urge in me to inspire them, to make them see that they should and could do whatever they wish for now. To start today, step by step.

When the place we want to be does not match what we are doing right now, we must stop for one second and ask ourselves. Am I really not capable of starting now? or is that thing really what I need?

It is in that brief second that we should go to the source of things. Acknowledge what we have accomplished so far and realize that no one but ourselves are in charge. Realize that we have every right to take an unexpected turn at this very moment.

Everyday every experience teaches us something about ourselves. It is this very daily knowledge that we should reflect on. Getting to know ourselves daily and being aware of our small actions is the best way to build a better future, to shoot for the stars.

To dream big is not to do better than what you are doing know, economically or romantically. We will never achieve better in this sense because there will always be something else. A new goal, a new trip, a new emotion that you will wish to feel. Our focus changes as we age, and measure time in months and years. But what about this second? What happens with the seconds that pass one by one, as the years do at a larger scale?

Maybe to dream big is to extend our thoughts so much that we separate our minds from the dreaming itself. Maybe to dream big is just to add more illusion to our experience. To add more stuff to the future when we are not even appreciating the stuff we have got so far.

If there is anything I would like my friends to know is that there is no better place than where they are at right now. Circumstances, good or bad, are just circumstances. No one can promises us a better future but we can live a damn good present. If only this very second you decide you have it all, that you did your best with all you have had at the moment, then perhaps you realize you already have it all.

Remember that every dream needs a woke person. If we wake up, and truly breath every second with all of our being, then our dreams naturally follow the cycle of life. We are so awake and life is so bright and real that when it’s time to rest from our actions, dreams come naturally and unfolds us into their unimagined yet meaningful journeys.








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