When Opportunity Doesn’t Meet Preparation

I am a quote collector. I am one of those people that have dozens of quotes ready to pull out for every situation. Even my friends come up to me for getting a quote for their Instagram posts. My first question to them is, what is it that you want to transmit with your post? The quote only enhances the image that is already sending a message, so I always try to choose a quote that best suits the image composition. But what happens when what they want to transmit does not match their image? Then I have a dissonance.

We are used to things following the same theme flow. Nature goes with animals such as Technology goes with computers, not the other way around. Or actually they could, but then the topic is a more complex one. Trying to find harmony in the disharmony is a challenge, though it is never impossible.

The same thing goes with the quote by the Roman philosopher Seneca, “When opportunity meets preparation”. It is a pretty straightforward sentence, but it can also be very misleading. It is said that when these two meet, then success is guaranteed. However what happens if these two never meet for me? What If I never really feel prepared for that opportunity? Or the opportunity never really comes?

Lately, I have been under situations that required me to be more prepared. I could have always chosen a better sentence, a better image, or have a  better understanding of something. Every past situation, after I think about it again, I could have done better. However, at that time it was everything I got and that is what I ended up doing. Coming to this understanding from my own perfectionism, I realize that I will never be totally prepared. My future self will always have a better way of doing things.

I can’t help to think that I could have done things better in the past and that I will be able to do things better in the future, at the same time, right now I am as ready as I can be.  Believing that preparation meets opportunity is just a way of leaving things for tomorrow. Such things as preparation and opportunity cannot be turned into units and expect for them to appear at some point. We either create them or we don’t.

From reading one single quote to choosing what quote best suits for a social media post, we are creating meaning every second. With that same energy that we create meaning and sense of trivial things, we are also able to create greater things such as opportunity and preparation. If something doesn’t exist then I make it happen, that simple statement counts for creating opportunities and preparing myself for them at the same time.