So I am Finally a Senior

A letter to my present

Four years have gone by faster than I ever thought they could. Two years ago, I wrote a letter to my future self at 22 years old. I was supposed to read it when I am graduating in May. But Sol from this moment does not have much patience, and just read it seven months before time.

Few highlights, a lot has changed and yet the knowledge from the past letter remains the same. To be grateful for every stone and every hand on the way, since they truly made me who I am today.

As I write, I am not sure if this letter should be directed to me in any specific point of time. Sol of the past, would end up doing as she pleases anyways. Sol of the future, well that is another story I am building today.

I think it would be best to write to Sol of today, since she is the one that needs it the most.

Sol, today we are very grateful. As you may notice, the challenges are up and we are going through all of them.

Working, friends, dreams… all mixed up with whatever has been your routine and life context lately. You may think nothing has changed, yet nothing has remained the same at all.

Time goes by and we seem to live in this circular style of thoughts sometimes. This very moment I recognize them. Listening the same music, worrying about the same things, talking about the same topics. It’s all the same for days, though at times, we notice that is not that it’s all the same, it’s just that we hold on too much to yesterday. Unconsciously accommodating todays energy in yesterdays context.

But yesterday does not exist, neither yesterdays context. If you take a second, you can notice that the path is just one way. And it carries you with it either you want it or notice it.

Right now I see the path clear. The stones are only as big as I make them to be, and the hands are always necessary.

Sol of today only needs to know that all we got is today. And we should make the best of it. For ourselves.

I am not asking you to be selfish. I am asking you to believe in you blindly. Believing in you will take you to places with roads even wider than todays. Believe me when I say possibilities are endless and this is not about proving anyone something. In the end is only about proving yourself that you can and you should go after things that make you feel alive.

To learn from every challenge of today and keep notes, deep in your heart, of what truly works and what does not. Know that everything teaches you something, but what we consider failures will only keep appearing until we truly learn the message and gain from the knowledge.

To go to bed tonight with that feeling of cold blankets that you like. Knowing that from the sunrise till the night, during every second of it, you were present and you were living. You were learning and you were giving.

Please believe me when I say that tomorrow does not really matter, because until this second you have given and you have done the best you could have.

Thank you.

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