I learned by unlearning

Young people think they know everything. I have witnessed this flaw on my own self. Always refusing that there was more needed to know other than what I had already understood. Once we hold our trust to something it takes a long way, or great intellect, to be truly emphatic about new ideas that somehow challenge any of our core beliefs.

Our belief system makes us who we are, or at least we naturally tend to feel and think that way. Personally, as someone who attended a catholic school in South America, my learning process was developed through an education system that denied any contrasting and different perspectives.

It was attending to college in the U.S and meeting people from so many countries and different backgrounds that I understood that it was simply impossible to be right.

In the past four years I have learned more about communication, reading, writing, and simply living life than I ever did when I graduated high school.

Naturally, time gives you knowledge. Though I believe If in in my younger years I had been exposed to diverse perspectives and cultures, I would have had a soother merge into the real world and an earlier understanding of my role as as person in this world.

Now that I know that I get a better taste of things when I let go of prejudgements or expectations, is like a world of possibilities has opened up to me. A whole new world to discover, right on my fingertips.

“One thing I know, that I know nothing. This is the source of my wisdom” – Socrates









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