This museum is my permanent inspiration

I have been interning at the Dali Museum for almost a month now. I believe there are not many kids who grow up saying they want to work at a museum, yet I can say from my experience that it has been a very rewarding time so far. Every morning projects a very calming environment.

As a creative, I am person who needs movement, novelty, variety. At the beginning it was confusing for me how a museum that represented one of the most emblematic surrealist artist would be so peaceful. Perhaps, in my imagination, I was expecting some kind of Salvador Dali walking in the office at some point. The truth is, the museum presents itself in such a clean way that it does not influence or clutters Dali’s masterpieces.

So much information lies beneath Dali’s paintings that the whole visitors energy should be taken into truly experiencing the stories and meaning behind each art piece inspiration.

My internship has not narrowed down to my graphic design tasks. Every afternoon after finishing my ToDo list I have been taking a moment to discover something new about Dali. Either by walking around the museum or reading some of his writings, there is always something that fulfills my curiosity and inspires me as an artist.

For so long I have tried to define which medium could best portray my creativity. I have tried painting, photography, video editing, writing, graphic design,talking- you name it. Yet it has still been a challenge to be fully able to project my ideas into some form of specific medium.

Being open to answers by reading from my favorite artists, I do not have to conform to a single medium. Yes, most artist are known for an specific medium yet most of them express their creativity through various forms.

Dali describes his writing as important as his paintings, many people criticize his writing as being too narcissistic. However after starting reading “Diary of a Genius”, and as a good quote collector, I have saved some quotes from Dali’s writing.

Here are some of my favorite Dali quotes, not easily found on the internet, which I hope could interest someone else too:

“But to awaken my zeal, it was necessary to offer me something I liked. Once my appetite had been whetted, I became ravenously hungry”

“I have never denied my fertile and elastic imagination the most rigorous means of investigation”

“Each time, out of my solitude, a brilliant idea is formed in my brain”

“If I had painted well all my life, I could never have been happy”

“Everybody, especially in America, wants to know the method of this success. It is the paranoia-critical method that I invented thirty years ago”

paranoia-critical method= image interpretation depending on the imaginative ability of the artist



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