Don’t Think Outside Of The Box

At some point of our lives we all have heard the famous words “think outside of the box”. As someone who always find fascinating to brainstorm and come up with innovative ideas, this words have been for years on my mind.

First of all what does it mean to think outside of the box? To think outside of the box means that there is a box to start. However, this assumes that the person thinks inside of a box. I am sure that whoever came up with this concept simply wanted to invite people to get out of their comfort zone and expand their ideas.

Every time I heard this concept I would struggle a little trying to not fall into conventional ideas that would represent the “box”. Outside of the box meant this wonderful dimension where all the most creative ideas were waiting to be discovered, though I was never bright enough to catch a glimpse of them.

It was on an airplane, trying to make sense of the moment when I opened a magazine and there it was. As simple as it could have ever been explained to me; don’t think outside of the box, because there is no box. THERE IS NO BOX.

From that moment my creative process was changed for good. The creative world no longer seemed to be reserved for people with special gifts able to travel outside of the box. There was no need for me to try to decode anything in particular to be accepted into the creative realms – I know that sounds very dramatic. Truly, that second I understood that creativity is being able to not limit your thinking neither categorize it. Creativity is free, is anything you want it to be. No rules, no limits, no boxes.

When you realize there is no box, everything around you makes sense just the way it is. There is no order, no right or wrong, no paradigm. For me the world of the creative ideas is as approachable as deciding 2 + 2 = 5 and not letting it bother you but having fun with it.

Does this makes sense to you or did I just confused you more?

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