You will never have enough experience

After working for a chain restaurant as a server for a couple of years, a friend told me about a local owned Spa in South Tampa that was hiring.  However, the job required someone that would be able to communicate effectively on the phone with clients, making reservations, follow-up calls and advertising new products to the clients. With the customer service I gained at the restaurant and a heavy Spanish accent, I wasn’t sure if I would be ready for a front desk job with those demands.

Nevertheless, I remembered the very first time I got a job in America. With just 6 months of moving from a totally different country, and not much english practice. I told myself to remember that I was never ready, that only by trying and with persistence, I would be able to be comfortable again, like I was at the restaurant after working for two years.

After applying and interviewing at the Spa, I got hired. My time at Pia Day Spa has been nothing but a learning experience. After almost a year of working for Pia’s , now I collaborate generating new concepts and doing what I love most- branding.

I was never ready to be a server, neither a receptionist nor a Copywriter. Where I am right now is not where I wish to be in ten years, however, no one can get the job of their dreams without the courage to take every small opportunity and be willing to turn it into a step closer to your dream job.

Charcoal Boards Design

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