To My 22 Year Old-Self Graduating From College

I am starting this blog at the young age of 20 years old. As I write, I realize that there are many things I want to talk about, many people I wish I could get to, and many things I notice I do not know yet. What could a 20 year old possibly write about? Today I want to write a letter to my future self.

It’s possible that after 2 years, not much has changed. You are probably graduating from school, luckily you will already have a job or some sort of idea where you want to start this adventure. Regardless If you are ready or not, I want to tell you that we have come along way and there is still yet much to discover. I hope that you have at least taken every chance and become stronger after every failure.

I want to remind you that 20 year old Sol has learned that happiness does not come from economic success, but from maintaining good relationships. I want you to remember all the people that have shared moments with you, and believed in you, all the people that have challenged you and those who doubted you, and I want to invite you to thank them all.

It is from the people that surrounded us that we have become who we are today. Your personality it’s nothing but a collection of experiences in which you have learned what is best for you to improve and what is best for you to leave behind.

I hope your dreams are as big as mine are today. I also encourage you to be humble in every situation, and don’t forget that you should celebrate not because you have finished school, but because even though the future is uncertain there is something that will never be taken away from you – the life you have experience until today.

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