Quien es Sol?

Peruvian woman, creative thinker, designer, storyteller based in New York.

My motivation comes from finding meaning in every situation.

Colors, sounds, people, and objects hold not-yet written stories. I am a seeker and producer of their words.

When I produce content, I build bridges. I want to be an architect of creative experiences that bring insights and strangers closer.

Winning a creativity award by UNICEF Latin America, after participating in a national Anti-Bullying campaign, made me realize that this was it– I can and I want to make a difference in the world with my creativity.

I have developed brand identity for entrepreneurs, painted art murals, founded a student organization, and participated at The One Club for Creativity as an art director. From designing websites to producing videos, I enjoy learning new technical skills that let me express my vision.

I am passionate in bringing abstract ideas to life. To be able to touch and express an emotion and have others experience it as well.

When I am not working at my 9-to-5 you can find me conceptualizing a new brands image or working on my personal projects where I mix my love for poetry and vintage art with modern platforms.

I love collaborating with emerging artists and doing freelance creative assistance. Please contact me If you would like to work together.