Quien es Sol?

Peruvian woman, creative thinker, designer, storyteller based in New York.

My motivation comes from finding meaning in every situation. I believe when any work is developed with aesthetics as its rooted principle, your message naturally arrives to its destination.

Winning a creativity award by UNICEF Latin America, after participating in a national Anti-Bullying campaign, made me realize that this was it– I can and I want to make a difference in the world with my creativity.

I have developed brand identity for businesses in New York, Tampa, and Lima. My creative aspirations have lead me to a diverse work experience, painting art murals, assisting art directors, founding a student organization at The University of Tampa, and participating at The One Club for Creativity as an art director. From designing websites to producing videos, I enjoy learning new technical skills that let me express my artistic vision.

After office hours, as a graphic designer at The Trade Desk, you can find me producing videos or branded designs for local artists and businesses in New York.

In Mi Voz, you can find my writing, where I share stories and insights.

I love collaborating with other artists and doing freelance creative assistance. Please contact me If you would like to work together.