About Sol Morales


I am Sol,


Peruvian designer based in Brooklyn. Collaborating with local and global brands, designing identities and creative projects that connect with people.

From painting art murals, creating brand assets, and set dressing – I find joy in producing thoughtful brand encounters. Finding inspiration in nature, books, and new york streets.

Joan Miro’s artwork inspired me from a young age to always use color and to build connections from shapes and unexpected encounters.

When I am not working on a project you can find me biking around Brooklyn parks, sketching my dream furniture, or taking a crash course on waste design. Always exploring and learning new possibilities.

I stand and believe in a better world. A sustainable and inclusive future. Looking for experiences that challenge me to grow as a person and take part on designing collectively something bigger than myself.

Take a look at my portfolio and feel free to reach out to me for artistic collaborations!


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